Sunday, September 12, 2004

Eppur si muove!

Wizbang, going for the blogging gold, writes a stirring piece about the impending triumph of blogging over mainstream media:
Legend has it that, as [Galileo] rose from his coerced confession and declaration that the Earth was the center of the universe, and all revolves around it, he said under his breath "Eppur si muove" - "and yet it moves."

It started in cyberspace, the new frontier of mass communications. The three people who run Powerline first started speaking of the inconsistencies of the memos, the incredible difficulty involved in creating such works with 30-year-old technology. They stood up to the mighty juggernaut that is CBS and pointed out these flaws. "Eppur si muove!" they cried.

But there was no answer from the juggernaut.

Others took up their cause, and did their own investigations. Charles Johnson of Little Green Footballs approached from the opposite direction. He recreated the memos in question using modern technology available to nearly everyone today, and produced virtually identical memos. Everything matched, nearly down to the finest point. He pointed this out to CBS and all who would listen. "Eppur si muove!" he cried.

But there was no answer from the juggernaut.

Even more voices were raised. Law Professor Glenn Reynolds, the Instapundit, renowned as the Blogfather of the whole online weblog community, spoke up. Hugh Hewitt, radio talk show host and blogger, cast his voice against the memos. Roger Simon, journalist and blogger, weighed in against CBS. Numerous other respected blogs - the collective authors of The Command Post, INDC Journal, Shape of Days, our own Kevin and Paul of Wizbang, The Captain's Quarters, The Daily Recycler, the Ace of Spades HQ, Rather Biased, Kerry Spot, and countless too many others to mention - all started shouting truth to power. "Eppur si muove!" they cried. "Eppur si muove!"

But there was no answer from the juggernaut.

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