Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Slutwear (a.k.a Wet Seal)

Wild Bill talks about the demise of slutwear in the fashion industry:
I usually do not post on what is going on in the fashion world, but I could not resist this one. It is about time women started dressing more like the beautiful women that they are instead of the whore slut look that has inundated today’s fashions and teen culture. It seems that fashion designers have realized woman want to return to grace not to the street corners.

From Reuters, 'Slutwear' Is So Last Year on New York Runways. Godfrey Deeny, senior fashion critic at Fashion Wire Daily says, "The slut is out now. She's dead." Commenting on the new looks for next year Deeny says, "It's very ladylike, it’s not jump-into-bed fashion."

Does this mean their will be a new woman's movement that aspires to return to the pursuit of GRACE? A woman of GRACE will earn more respect any day over an easy slut. For the ladies out there looking for 'Mr. Right', he is looking for a woman of GRACE, 'Mr. Right Now', is looking for a one-night-slut.
Susan Estrich, who I really love outside of an election year, discusses slutwear here.

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