Monday, September 13, 2004

Vocabulary Lesson

Owen at Boots & Sabers points us to a new term coined by Jay Nordlinger to replace the unrepresentative "suicide-bomber": Islamikaze.

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Anonymous said...

ISLAMAKAZI was a phrase coined at quite a while ago.

Kerry's cowardice affected us so much, we called it the Vietnam Syndrome. It caused the US to fail to act as we should back in the 70's.

That means Jimmy Carter couldn't do what he had to do because of the political climate created by the peace NAZIS of the 60's and how their actions caused the US to be kicked down.

that means...and it is not a stretch, the end results, that are still happening, is that the peace protests of Bill Clinton and John Kerry ande Hanoi Jane have led up to the war on terror.

If Jimmy Carter had exercised his presidential responsibilities as he should have, instead of the vietnam syndrome, we would have stopped Islamic Terrorism on November 5, 1979.

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