Saturday, September 18, 2004

Digital Brownshirts News!

Be sure to check out Part I of our broadcast first at Kerry Haters.

Part II
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Bounce over to Kitty Litter for Part III of this weeks news.

And Wild Bill runs the anchor leg this week with Part IV of the first installment of Digital Brownshirt News.


kitty said...

We're GREAT at this, aren't we? :)

STCA said...

no doubt!

Wild Bill said...

Sorry I was so slow, I have part 4 up on my site. Great job Pat, Aaron, and Kitty. We just made history!

Paul Santos said...

Stay focused on the Bush campaign. Hating on Kerry is just a distraction from your real goal: deliver the message. Swing voters (unlike myself) want to hear real reasons for crossing-over. We all have enough reasons why NOT to vote for Bushie Boy.

- 30,000 civilians dead in Iraq
- 1,000 and counting US soldiers dead in Iraq
- 7,000 and counting US soldiers wounded in Iraq
- Too many children are being left behind in schools due to budget slashing
- The Republicans are running the House, the Senate, and the White House...and they still can't get any major domestic legislation passed (Medicare bill is a joke, BTW, and you know it)

Stay focused, and you'll win. Harp on Kerry, and you'll risk more than you'll benefit.

Wild Bill said...

Hey Paul,

It is not polite to be a link whore, but it is a free country. I guess to a Bush hater, freedom means free to hate. Aaron what's up my man?

Texas Minuteman Marine said...

I'll bet Paul is going to grow up to be a real good Democrat. He is already going thru liberal indoctrination! KKK Bird is his hero!

kitty said...

The terrorists are killing their own people, and they were killing them before we went there. So don't talk about dead Iraqis to me!

Paul Santos said...

It's a small blogosphere--what's up Joe Sixpack. I'll reply to your articulate response soon. Wild Bill, thanks for making a visit to my blog, I appreciate the traffic, and your valuable insights.

I sense a high level of animosity from readers on this comment thread, and was expecting more level-headed reactions to some real-world statistics. Kitty, don't so quickly brush off the civilian death statistic--it's an important number, and any neo-con would agree that it's a key consideration in any future Iraqi strategy. Personally, I find the blood on American hands to be appalling, but also understand that this is war, and half the nation is eager to close the door on the enemy once and for all. It's a challenging world, one that requires careful thinking, and non-reactionary decision making.

As I mentioned in my earlier comment, focus the energy on the issues, not on hating the competitor. I don't hate Bush, hell, I don't even know the man. I disagree with him on a lot of issues. Hatred has no role in American politics, as I'm sure you'll agree.

thewalrus said...

Sorry fellas, but I had to jump in on this one... I normally just read, but something personal in my life has made me realize that sometimes just reading isn't enough. You see, I know where Paul Santos is headed with all this. I've seen this before. What are you REALLY trying to accomplish Paul. Don't talk to me about dead Iraqis, don't give me numbers. We lost 50,000 in Vietnam and maybe 3 million Vietnamese. And we LOST that war (Oh sorry police action), right!

Anonymous said...

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