Sunday, September 12, 2004

2004 Anti-teror Awards by Men's Journal

Um, I agree with this list except one; you guess who I think sucks:

Intro by John McCain: "All the heroes of 9-11 and the war on terrorism that began that day, have reminded us what courage really looks like."

1. The First Responders: Passengers of Flight 93.

2. The Protector: Police Commissioner, Ray Kelly.

3. The Warrior: "Texas Good ol' Boy," Tommy Franks.

4. The Truth Teller: Clinton Counter-terrorism Czar, Richard Clarke

5. The Advocates: The 9-11 Widows, "the Jersey Girls."

6. The Enforcer: French Judge who "Lockes up more terrorists than anyone else," Jean-Louis Bruguiere

7. The Terrorist Hunter: Special Ops Vet, William McRaven

8. The Educator: Mountaineer, Greg Mortenson

9. The Civil Disobedient: College Student, Nathaniel Heatwole

10. The Innovator: Marine, David Karcher

11. The Warriors: Men and Women, The American Soldier (picture of Pat Tillman shown)

Um, if you guessed the lizard, Richard Clarke, counter-terrorism czar that did anything BUT prevent terrorism, you guessed right!!!

Second place goes to that Franco-frog Judge...whoever he is!

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