Saturday, September 18, 2004

House of Pain

From a comment on Wizbang!:
Sing to House of Pain's Jump Around...

Let me begin
I came not to win
Battle me that's a sin
I won't tear the chads up
Swifties better back up
Try and play the role and James Carville will act up
Get up, stand up, come on!
Come on, throw your hands up
If you've got the feeling jump across the ceiling
CBS is a funk fest, Rather's talking junk
Yo, I'll bust em in the eye
And then I'll take the memos home
Feel it, funk it
Amps it are junking
And I got more rhymes than Michael Moore's at a dunking Donuts shop
Sure 'nuff I got props from the Dems on the Hill
Plus my mom and my pops


I came to get down [2x]
So get out your vote and jump around
Jump around [3x]
Jump up Jump up and get down.
Jump [18x]

I'll serve your butt like John MacEnroe
If Hillary steps up, I'm smacking the ho
Word to Osama I won't drop bombs
I got more positions than the bible's got psalms
And just like the Prodigal Son I've returned
Anyone stepping to me you'll get burned
Cause I got ribbons and you ain't got none
So if you come to battle (don't) bring a shotgun...

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