Sunday, September 12, 2004

A Kerry Foreign Policy

I am watching Meet the Press with Madeline Albright...she is tongue twisting and spinning her way through the entire interview.

Her claim is that Bush messed up the Iraq occupation. Okay, I will grant her that. Bush himself admitted that he "miscalculated" the insurgency that occured because of such a swift victory.

What surprises me is this matter-of-factness with democrats that if they were in control, everything about the war on terror would have been roses. So let's look at that:

1. Democrats claim that they would have focused all their attention on al-Queda and put many more troops in Afghanistan. But many believed, and have history to show, that bin Laden's goal was to bog us down into a Viet Nam style conflict like the Russians found themselves in during the 1980's. Putting tens of thousands more troops in Afghanistan would have played right into Bin Laden, al-Queda and the Taliban's hands.

2. Democrats claim that they would have gotten Germany, France and Russia on board for the war in Iraq. Setting France and Germany aside since it's been demonstrated they were paid-off by Saddam Hussein, let's look at Russia. Were the democrats with the leadership of Clinton and the statecraft of Madeline Albright able to get Russia on board with Kosovo and Bosnia? Absolutely not! So did they not have a coalition?

3. Lastly, Kerry and the democrats slam Bush on his inability to predict the future and see an insurgency (even though he prevented a humanitarian crisis, refugee exodus and Saddam attacking Israel). Kerry thinks he could have managed the occupation perfectly. I ask that you look how well Kerry manages things as an executive; look at his campaign staff. The man cannot even do damage control over 250 vets pissed off over what he did 30 years ago. No one on his staff could predict this even though the Swift Vets announced their intentions in April. No one on his staff could have predicted a successful Republican National Convention with a bounce. So Kerry's sound management skills goes after Bush's Air National Guard record!

So we see Kerry's wonderful management skills complimented with his staff's mystical ability at soothesaying. Faced with bad polls, he goes after a non-issue, like he accuses Bush of doing by going after Saddam Hussein while 1/4 of al-Queda is still running loose in Afghanistan. We see the Clintonian style of management in John Kerry; and America, as much as they love the "idea" of Clinton, are smart enough to know that you cannot fight a war based on how someone feels when they are approached for a survey in the mall or on a telephone--a person who just paid $30 to fill up their Geo Metro is going to say, "I don't like how this country is going."

We see that John Forbes Kerry cannot even manage an election...let alone a war. He had to fire everyone from his primary campaign (which he only one because he trotted the person he saved in Viet Nam around the country); he failed to get a convention bounce out of a convention the democrats managed and failed to forsee the attacks on his anti-war stances, his Lt. Governorship to Michael Dukakis and his horrible senate record...and he's suppposed to know how to handle a war?

Not on your life.


DANEgerus said...

The (D)'s demonstrated by their "It's another Vietnam" squealing about Afghanistan that they NEVER would have gone in there either.

Anonymous said...

I can tell the Democrats and their supporters are getting crazier and more desperate when Janet Jackson blames "nipplegate" on George Bush. They blame him for everything!

Anonymous said...

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