Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Tragedy in Government School

Teen Dies in School Fight

I am going to be a jerk in this post. First, I want to ask everyone pray for the family of this boy who was beaten to death in a government high school in Tennessee. This sort of violence is completely unacceptable and those involved should meet swift and harsh justice.

Having said that, I was struck by the bio: 14 Year Old Eight Grader...I believe most people are 11 or 12 in 8th grade, so what's the deal here? After the investigation into his murder is completed, someone needs to explain whay a 14 year old was in a middle school!

People need to start pulling their kids out of state run, government schools and pool together and teach them at home. The fact a 14 year old is in 8th grade is a complete failure of our socialist school system.

His death is tragic and makes me sick to my stomach. Beyond that, his parents, to keep his death from being a vain gang related death, should use this incident to champion reform of the way our children are educated.

UPDATE: For someone who took Calculus in High School, I can't even add! Thanks, Kip for the correction. It's still ridiculous that this guy was beaten to death in a middle school bathroom.

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KipEsquire said...

I think you're off slightly -- if you start kindergarten at 5 or 6 (has this changed?) then you should be 13 or 14 in eighth grade.

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