Monday, September 20, 2004

My Photo

Okay, Owen at Boots and Sabers (which should be one of your daily reads) plugged this site and I thank him for that; but in the same breath said my picture creeps him out.

So, I blew my picture up a little bit and want to hear from you. What are the creepier parts of the photo?

To give some background:

1. I am sitting at my kitchen table.
2. Those are white wooden blinds behind me.
3. I am wearing a beige hat underneath...
4. A dark blue Nautica hoodie.

Let's hear from you!


KipEsquire said...

Why wear the hood up indoors? Roof leaking? ;-)

Anonymous said...

It's the hoodie. Hoods still remind us of the Unabomber. What's the deal? Are you always so bundled up?

Steve said...

...that there are white wooden blinds behind you instead of steel bars?

Kat said...

You don't know me. Here by 'Next Blog' button.

But since you asked...

You look like a stalker.

No offense.

Have a great day! :D

Anonymous said...

See!?!? It's not just me :-)

- Owen

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