Saturday, September 25, 2004

Kerry, Kill my Baby!

This picture was posted, with rightful disgust, on Kerry Haters. I stated I wasn't too turned off about a pregnant belly; in fact, it is beautiful and the life inside is something we should anticipate.

I just don't like pregnant bellies filled with life used to advocate politicians (like John Kerry) who think it's okay to stick that baby in the head with a vacuum hose and suck it's brain out--and if the abortion is botched and the baby is still alive--try to murder it again.

What do you think?


kitty said...

I totally agree with you, Aaron. PLUS ... What is it with some women, especially celebrities!, who wear belly-baring clothing while pregnant? I'm not a prude, but there is something called propriety, not to mention class. It's one thing at the beach, but not in other public places.

EB said...

Be opposed to opportion rights if you like. But there's no pro-choice slogan on that belly, so I think it's pretty damnably disgusting to associate THIS particular woman's image with discussions of abortion. She's clearly at or near full-term, and I'm sure she's a proud mother. If you ever posted a picture of my pregnant wife in this context, you better believe I'd find some way to retaliate.

Really, who is showing the lack of class?

If you choose to act like like every Kerry supporter is a depraved endorser of infanticide, you're going to paint yourself into a corner with the general electorate, who are not so extreme. Most of us pro-choicers are loving parents from loving families. In fact, I've never personally met anybody who was flippant about abortion. I'm sure you can go out there and find a perverse radical view (as I could go out and find those who believe we should bomb clincs and such), but most pro-choicers believe that abortions should be legal-AND rare.

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