Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Top 10 Signs Kerry Has already Lost the Election

From the great mind of da man over at GOP & the City:

10. Hillary sends email asking for donation to Hillary-2008
9. Gore keeps calling and giving concession speech advice
8. Edwards goes back to work in the Senate
7. Dan Rather calls to ask what he can do
6. Michael Moore calls him "a lousy candidate"
5. Mike Dukakis sends a "Welcome To The Club" FTD basket
4. No more Letterman, has to settle with a spot on Tony Danza's show
3. Is told to "shove it" by Teresa
2. Awarded 4th purple heart by Federal Election Committee

And the #1 sign it is over for John Kerry...
1. Even the hamster will not look him in the eye

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The Man said...

Thanks for the link! I will have another Top 10 later on Wednesday. Top 10 signs Bush has already won.

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