Saturday, September 25, 2004


This whole, "Gay boy stuggles in Middle America," crap is getting old. Gay people stuggle no matter where they live. But the Washington Post found another cute, all-American, boy who is willing to talk about his sexual experiences at 16.

Did the Washington Post write articles about 16 year old women's sex life before 1919? Did any newspaper? Isn't it child pornography to discuss his sexual trist at 16???

This is nothing but pandering.


KipEsquire said...

Pandering to whom exactly? As someone who was born in the Bronx, grew up in upstate New York, went to school in Pennsylvania and have lived and worked in New York City ever since, I welcome insight into being gay in other parts of the country, whether Oklahoma or Wyoming (where Matthew Shephard was murdered) or pretty much anywhere else except San Francisco (and any journalism that helps smash that stereotype is most welcome).

STCA said...

Great point; and yes, if you're queer sometimes reading about others in different parts of the US could be interesting.

My point is: WHY THIS KID? Why the white, backstreet boy?

My frustration is more with the queer community itself with is probably the most discriminating, arrogant and racist culture in America.

Acceptance aside, this "boy" is nothing but a poster boy for JR's here in DC, or WOODY's in Philadelphia or CHAMPS in NYC.

My point is: so what? cute gay boy in the midwest. There are thousands of them and they all make their way westward to LA/SF or eastward to Boston/NYC/Philly/DC.

My point is that it is five fucking pages long to hear about this guy that is utterly unimpressive. An article on the next gay Picasso or Versace would be better.

Wild Bill said...

First, I am from Oklahoma, Second I am not gay. With that out of the way, this story reads more like a hit piece on Oklahomans. The Washington Post makes it seem like Oklahoman go out and pick on gay people for fun. People are supposed to treat gay Americans the same as straight American, but why is it ok to make fun of someone because he like country music and drives a pickup truck. The President is picked on more for his southern charm than 17-year-old Michael Shackelford is picked on because he is gay. There are many gay people in Oklahoma; this is really a smear piece on rural Oklahoma. Maybe these people in this rural Oklahoma town are pro-straight and not anti-gay. Maybe we should call baby killers, anti-life instead of pro-choice.

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