Saturday, September 25, 2004

Jimmy Carter: Irrelevant

Am I the only person who believes that Jimmy Carter looks like the emporer in Return of the Jedi?

Anyway, he says F9/11 on of his fav'rite movies. Who could have guessed? He drinks the same kool-aid as Kofi Annan and the Nobel Prize committee.

Thanks, Crush Kerry.


Wild Bill said...

Aaron, I made you a special Carter Kool-aid Drinker picture at my site. I agree Jimmy has definitely joined the Dark Side.

STCA said...

You're too good to me, Wild Bill! I love the picture! I might have to get those skills from you soon.

Wild Bill said...

So you like my crappy pictues? lol

The Man said...

If the emperor was more like Carter, we would not have had the Star Wars saga that we have today. He would have let the Rebel alliance do as they please, probably would have helped them in their attempt to destory the dark side. Hell, a Carter-run dark side would have been a disaster. His reign would have been worse than the latest Star Wars flicks.

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