Saturday, September 11, 2004

Have We Learned?

A repeat of my Watcher's Council award winning post in rememberance of 9/11 and the choice we face; will we celebrate our fallen heros by showing them that we've learned our lesson?



Fellow Americans,

While you plunge to your death please remember that John Forbes Kerry will go after the terrorists...after you hit the ground.

And those terrorists will be tried in U.S. Courts (where O.J. Simpson received American Justice) as criminals with hundreds of attorneys from the Middle East, Germany and France defending them; and, since Kerry does not support the death penalty for terrorists, will spend the rest of their lives in jail contemplating their actions.

Remember, these are criminals and your death resulted from an act of murder, NOT war.

Rest assured, sir, as you fall to your death, that the Kerry Doctrine will do its best to avenge your death but will do nothing to prevent it.



Anonymous said...

Funny thing about those pictures, and those people hitting the ground.

That all happened while Bush was in office. HE dropped the ball, and HE was too late. And he still hasn't picked it up...he's still busy cleaning up the mess he made when he, with full knowledge of his lies, falsly accused Saddam Hussein, and Osama Bin Laden, who caused this horrible destruction, is at large because Bush has other agendas to tend to in Iraq. Don't even being picking on Kerry's policies.

You want brutal? Look up some pictures of dead children in Iraq killed by the "very accurate" missile weapons. Not to mention we went to war on a lie. He lied to the people. End Statement.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous you ignorant putz.

John of Argghhh! (

Preston Taylor Holmes said...

Anonymous, you're obviously a Michael Moore sycophant who needs be paid a visit by some of your beloved muslim friends. I'm sure they'll listen to your politically astute drivel right before they behead you in the name of their god. I'm always amazed at your ilk, who are so concerned about the accidental civilian casualties (always mentioning IRAQI BABIES) but have no such concern for the civilians who are actually TARGETED by Al Qaeda and Hamas. You belong in one of those protester cages at the DNC in Boston.

Anonymous said...

President Bush has done quite a lot about the terrorist threat including deposing and capturing the man who was PAYING families whose sons and daughters blew themselves up in order to kill other people. If you don't think Saddam Hussein was a threat to this country, then you are living in a fool's paradise for sure. And don't be too quick to say we don't have Osama Bin Laden - we may not YET have him in physical custody - but we sure have made a HUGE dent in his network and we are continuing to roll them up as I write this.

If you think that empty suit from Massachusetts and "the Breck Girl" could do any better, you are truly deluded!


Michele said...

I really wish you hadn't used those pictures. Or at least you should have forwarned people you were going to use those images. The pain is still palpable and the memories still searing for this survivor who lost all her friends on that day. Two of which were forced to jump out of those windows.

No one should use those images to make a political point, not the left nor the right.

Although I agree with your points, I think they would have been better said and more eloquent without the exploitation of images of that horrible day.

Anonymous said...

Asshole asshole.

Anonymous said...

It was "OPERATION NORTHWOODS" only the names and dates were changed......FREE YOUR MIND......

Anonymous said...

Clinton did more to fight terrorism than Bush did before 9/11. Bush dropped the ball. Good thing he had Clinton's improved military to quickly win main combat operations in both Afghanistan and Iraq. (i.e. it took 3 hours to acquire bombing targets instead of 3 days using drones - and contrary to Bush's recorded and provable lie there were no divisions "not ready for duty" when he took power.)

What you should be ashamed. Cheaply using the deaths of innocent americans for your partisan smear campaign is horrible.

Know one thing: with that kind of disregard for the memory of those who died that day, you're pushing away independent and undecided voters. So while you should be ashamed (and perhaps should seek spiritual guidance for your lack of respect towards the memory of the dead), please keep doing it. You're helping my guy win.

(BTW, you may have missed it during the debate in which your guy was humiliated, but John Kerry has reaffirmed that he, like EVERY president before him since at least the cold war, would pursue the doctrine of pre-emptive strike. So you're not only incredibly offensive to the memories of slain americans, you're also factually wrong.)

russ said...

Claiming that "the Kerry Doctrine will do its best to avenge your death but will do nothing to prevent it" is utterly absurd. Your earlier entry says:

"Any attack will be met with a swift and certain response." The Kerry Doctrine: Once we get clobbered, I'll try and figure out how to strike back.

So when Bush says identical statements about striking back decisively against attackers, does that mean that Bush also will do nothing to prevent attacks?

Kerry and Bush both have various plans and proposals for preventing terrorist attacks, not just responding to them, and to pretend otherwise is either dishonest or ignorant. You can easily read more information about both candidate's plans, instead of wasting time posting nonsensical claims like this.

Anonymous said...

Clinton did nothing to counter terrorism.
Little more than a month into his first term, Ramzi Ahmed Yousef and other terrorists bombed the World Trade Center. Six dead, many others wounded and Clinton responded with words.
In 1993, following the shoot down of a Black Hawk in Mogadishu that killed 18 Americans Clinton responded by pulling the troops out as fast as he could.
In 1994 the Feds arrested Mohammed Jamal Khalifa, Osama's brother-in-law. Khalifa was the money source for al-Qaeda. The Clinton administration deported him to Jordan where he was promptly released.
In March of 1995 U.S. diplomats Jackie Van Landingham and Gary Durrell were killed in Pakistan. No action was taken against al-Queda.
Then in November of 1995 a car bomb (ok a van bomb to be perfectly correct) in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia kills 5 Americans and two others. Again Clinton took no military action.
In June of 1996 the Dhahran barracks are bombed. 19 Americans killed. Hundreds wounded. No military response.
In August 1998 American embassies in Kenya and Tanzania are bombed. 214 people (12 Americans) dead. Thousands injured. Clinton finally acts. Was it any coincidence that it was only days before his grand jury testimony for MonicaGate? A few missiles are fired at tents in the desert and what turned out to be an aspirin factory and a candy factory. We paid reparations to the Sudanese.
No military response when the USS Cole was attacked.
When Sudan offered to give us bin Laden Clinton didn't accept the offer.
Clinton certainly taught terrorists a lesson. They learned that they could attack the United States of America with impunity.
Just to make sure that the next president would lack the tools to protect America, Clinton gutted the military. Defense spending was slashed. Ship building all but stopped and other critical military programs were slashed. Troop strength was reduced by 700,000 and reserve strength dropped by 293,000. Readiness was suffered and morale in military was in the dirt.
The seeds for 9/11 were sown long before Bush came to office.

When Sudan offered to turn over bin Laden Clinton failed to act.

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