Wednesday, September 08, 2004


Please help re-elect our commander-in-chief! Please donate and volunteer to the campaign not only of Bush but of any Republican running for office; we need sweeping majorities to defeat Democratic obstructionism.


Ghost Dansing said...

Dubya does have a few things going for him:

He said post-9/11 that he was going to isolate terrorists but ended up isolating America.

He attacked Afghanistan to crush Al Qaeda but spawned its branches or, worse, copycat outfits all over the world.

He invaded Iraq to capture non-existent weapons of mass destruction, while his other two axis of evil nations, North Korea and Iran, were the ones developing nuclear weapons.

He talked tough on Iran but it was North Korea that got busy and made two nuclear bombs.

He saw his war on Iraq as a warning to other states not to develop lethal weapons but finds his credibility so eroded he can't convince others about the seriousness of Iran's nuclear intentions.

He went into Iraq to squash a non-existent terror connection and ended up sprouting widespread terrorism.

He hailed the axing of the death penalty in Iraq as one of the first acts of the American occupiers last year, but has consented to its reinstatement by the new U.S.-appointed satrapy in Baghdad.

He planned to replace the secular Baathists with secular democrats but strengthened the clerics — both among the Shiites and the minority Sunnis.

He wanted power consolidated in the hands of the American ambassador to Iraq, John Negroponte, and pliant prime minister Iyad Allawi, but discovered that while they have all the military gadgetry at their command, the political power has shifted to the mosque.

He wanted a pro-American and pro-Israeli Iraq but has created a virulently anti-American and anti-Israeli nation whose hostility seems set for a generation or two.

Not bad for three years of work. And that's just in the area of Foreign Policy!

Daniel Miller said...

BFD, Ghost. Your brains are about as solid as those of a ghost. On September 13, Al Gore would have gone into that mosque wearin' a burkha and surrendered to Allah.

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