Friday, September 10, 2004

A Nation for Me

Bouncing through Alpha Patriot I found this week's winner of the Watcher's Council, Chadster's: It's not the Thought, It's the Dream that Counts.
I want to see an America that is ready for me, where I can live out my personal ambitions and dreams. I believe Pres. Bush sees that America. He may have some misguided ideas as to how that dream can be “helped", but they all do. The difference is the dream. Is it possible for me to live my version of the American dream? In the two Americas, no. In the one nation under God, yes. In Kerry’s poll-pleasing welfare state, no. In Bush’s decisive leadership of a free nation, yes.

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Ghost Dansing said...

"Say what you will about Bush the domestic policy butcher, warmongering imperialist, or best President ever to darken the doors of the White House (I disagree with all of those), he had a strikingly different theme than his lanky opponent."

"Put bluntly, he made me feel good, and hopeful, to be an American."

Groovy! If it feels good do it!

A former Air Force Colonel described the Bush administration's attitude toward dissent as "shut up and color," as if we were unruly eight-year-olds. Whatever citizens may think of Bush's particular policies, what may make him the most dangerous president ever is how much he's promoted a culture that equates questioning with treason. This threatens the very dialogue that's at the core of our republic.

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