Monday, September 06, 2004

Andrew Sullivan Meet David Brock

Andrew Sullivan is the latest casualty to left-wing bomb throwing blinded solely by his homosexuality; he believes his ability to marry another man is the most important obstacle our nation faces. Blinded by his dick, he shows how a singular issue will blind people to all the rest as he denounces conservatives and republicans thusly:
I CANNOT SUPPORT HIM IN NOVEMBER: I will add one thing more. And that is the personal sadness I feel that this president who praises freedom wishes to take it away from a whole group of Americans who might otherwise support many parts of his agenda. To see the second family tableau with one family member missing because of her sexual orientation pains me to the core. And the president made it clear that discriminating against gay people, keeping them from full civic dignity and equality, is now a core value for him and his party.
Or by comparing conventioneers to Orwellians citizens of North Korea (who eat each other):
When your convention pushes so many different messages, and is united with screaming chants of "U.S.A.", and built around what was becoming almost a cult of the Great Leader.
Andrew Sullivan still doesn't understand, because he cannot have a certificate endorsing gay sex, why anyone would love their country over their party.

Andrew Sullivan is "family" but is a bastard none-the-less.

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kitty said...

I'm with Pat on the gay issue: live & let live.

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