Saturday, July 03, 2004

Where Are the Anti-globalization Activists?

Everyone now knows that the congressional black caucus (who does nothing to represent the interests of black people, me included) penned a request to the United Nations asking for oversight of our elections. Where is the outrage? This is yet another example of the actual Americans wanting to place our future in the hands of the United Nations. This request comes from a group of people who failed to steal the election in 2000 and want the UN to step in to make sure that George W. Bush is not re-elected.

John Gibson of FOXNews' Big Story hits the nail on the head when he says that the world hates the fact that they cannot vote in our elections. Canadians, Europeans and Terrorists wish they could have a say in our elections; something so important should not be left to the "stupid" American People (as Michael Moore labels us). The request to the UN speaks of "voter disenfranchisement." This is code-speak; it simply means people are pissed that the outcome didn't go their way.

The request sent to the UN smacks of a run-around. This is similar to John Kerry trying to broker deals with communists as a JUNIOR SENATOR. Who the f*ck to these people think they are? The people that wrote this letter should be investigated and prosecuted if they violated ethics and laws by making this request. How do nine people speak for the entire nation? I believe in the UN as a forum for nations to air grievances--not as a ruling body. People were pissed over the 2000 elections, but if there were any PROVABLE malfeasance, we would have been in legal battles for years. The fact is that none of these emotional conjectures are provable; if the reviews by the New York Times, the Washington Post and the Florida Sentinel showed that Al Gore won, the Dems would have called for impeachment.

I guess my frustration is with people who think that the greatest nation on earth cannot run fair elections. This dilemma demonstrates the global bias to look to America's failings first. Nevermind the countless nations on earth that don't even hold elections or those that hold sham elections (remember, Saddam won with 100% of the vote in the last Iraqi "elections"); the UN only wants to discredit the American people. The people that made this request, blinded with hatred, will do and say anything to get affirmation--including selling our nation to the highest bidder. They refuse to believe, like academics with communism, that they are just WRONG!

I am getting so worked up I need to stop. What are your thoughts?

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