Thursday, July 01, 2004


Econopundit gives us hope...but as he points out, people use models to predict global warming. I'll pay for global warming research if the 2004 elections actually looked like this:

I also want to toss around two new taxes proposals. First, the Volunteer Tax: I think there should be a box on the 1040 that you can check volunteering yourself into a 70% tax bracket. This box is primarily for people like Ioccoca, Streisand, Jobs, Moore, etc. Then when they rant and rave, they can produce their tax returns and demonstrate that they paid more in taxes thereby making their references to "tax cuts for the rich" more credible.

The second tax came up during dinner with my mother, her friend Lynne and her son Nicholas the other day: The George Bush Freedom World Tour Tax. I would pay 10 cents on every dollar I spend to pay for increasing our military to 2 million, have them paid like doctors, and ask them to pay a visit to North Korea, Iran, Syria, Cuba, Sudan, Nigeria, Cambodia and revisit Vietnam.

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