Thursday, July 01, 2004

Bias in the Funniest of Places

Bounce through the anti-Idiotarian Rotweiller to Blackfive and read about an upcoming vote giving the Defense Department the ability for rapid procurement in emergencies. I took Blackfive's advice and wrote my Senators here in Maryland (gag). While at Sen. Barbara Mikulski's site, I noticed something funny about her dropdown list to send her a message...see if you pick up on the theme:
Aids in Africa
Animal Testing
Child Gun
Death Penalty
Defense Spending
Endangered Species
Federal Employees
Genetically Engineered Foods
Gun Legislation
Hate Crimes
Human Rights
Humanitarian Aid
Internet Tax
Military Pay
Minimum Wage
Nuclear Test Ban
Postal Service
Social Security
Tax Cuts
Water Quality
World Trade Organization
This list typifies Democratic thought in this country. First, her list lacks basic items like Roads/Transportation; to complain about my crappy commute I have to select Other. Beyond what's missing, people should notice all the qualifiers after certain issues.

There is no issue called "Defense" only "Defense Spending;" there is no "Military" its "Military Pay;" its never "Taxes" but the evil "Tax Cuts."

She even lists "Nuclear Test Ban," "Animal Testing," and "Offshore Oil" without mentioning basics like "Energy," "Housing," or "Children" (but she has "Child Gun").

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