Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Michael Berg: Mourning Jackass

I am reposting this because Michael Berg has struck again! Check out this article.

What do Ron Reagan, Jr. and Michael Berg have in common?

(Michael Berg second from left)

They are both disgustingly capitalizing on the death of a family member using the death to promote their own political ideaologies.

Michael Berg is a member of the radical, left-wing, socialist/communist organization called ANSWER. Nicholas Berg, who terrorists murdered by sawing off his head, did not subscribe to his father's politics. Nick Berg supported the liberation of 25 million Iraqis and, in the conservative-capitalist spirit, went to Iraq to both help the freed people and to make money for himself. Nick Berg supported President Bush.

Ron Reagan, Jr. is using his father's passing as a soapbox to further his own political agenda. President Ronald Reagan was not only a conservative, but he wanted to defeat liberalism. He was unapologetically religious (Christian) and spoke frequently about his faith and against abortion (in fact, he wrote a book on the sanctity of human life). Riding on his mother's wave of grief, he is promoting stem cell research and using the controversy to score political points against the president.

Everyone grieves with these families, but we should now begin to question their motives. Most people want to HONOR the memory of their loved-one. Most people would speak about the ideas and dreams of the deceased, not trash them. If I had a son or brother who worked for Green Peace and died in pursuit of that cause, I would honor his life by making a donation or speaking at a Green Peace event. I would not go to a rally against Green Peace and shout, "Green Peace murdered my son."

Ron Reagan, Jr. and Michael Berg are disgusting individuals. Their activities show that they truly do not honor their dead relatives; instead they essentially say that President Reagan and Nick Berg were idiots and died in vain. Michael Berg cannot see past his politics to go and speak to Iraqi organizations in the US and tell them to continue to support his son's work so that he did not die in vain. Ron Reagan, Jr. should speak out against stem cell research because that's precisely what his father would do.

Larry Elder discusses Michael Berg and Ron Reagan, Jr. in two very good articles.

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