Wednesday, June 30, 2004

We Will Rise Up Like Mountains

World Net Daily reports that 15 groups of Iraqi's will be publishing a letter in USA Today thanking Americans for our sacrifices to ensure their liberty:
"Just as we mourn for the victims of Saddam's regime, we also grieve for the Americans and Iraqis who were killed or injured during the liberation or by terrorists determined to hold us back," the letter reads. "We will honor those who have sacrificed for our freedom by building a new Iraq that lives in peace with the nations of the world, without fear of war, torture chambers or terrorism."
Moving words:
"Iraq is now at a setback, but it is temporary. We will rise up like mountains, standing firm, and we will protect all people regardless of religion, color and every other consideration. Pluralism should be a factor of progress, not divisiveness," said Iraq's new interim Prime Minister Iyad Allawi as he took office Monday morning.

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