Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Kosovo Quagmire

"General Clark, don't you feel you should apologize to the American people for your war crimes like bombing this boys home and bombing the Chinese Embassy? Shouldn't you admit that you had no plan? What was your plan after sending planes to bomb people at 14,000 feet for months on end? How come you did not get UN support? How did this make Americans any safer? Where are the WMDs?"

Captain's Quarters shows us the obvious. Everyone is calling Iraq a quagmire and no one seems to notice we still have troops and the UN bumbling around Kosovo.

Save a WMD attack, I see only 40,000 troops in Iraq after two years. Iraq will become the next South Korea. I also see us rotating a total of 40,000 troops into Afghanistan. Call me crazy, but I see a point to invading the two countries on either side of Iran first...

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