Monday, June 28, 2004

Check Out This Tomfoolery!

Sly Bri of Tomfoolery.

Right Wing Right Minded points us to a blog called Tomfoolery. The interesting bit of information is the lie it found in Fuck911.
The woman who lost her son in Iraq was a very sympathetic person. Who doesn't feel for a mother who has lost her son? I cannot be the only person who caught this, but I think others have and are afraid to mention it for fear of seeming insensitive. (I myself have wavered over writing this, and I only get 150 hits a day.) The woman who lost her son said that when she was told, "she dropped the phone." I thought I heard that wrong, but a moment later she said she was all alone and had "no one to hold her up." I was outraged. The United States military informs next of kin directly, without exception, no matter where they are. For example, they went deep into the mountains in Mexico to inform a lost soldier's mother directly. I am not calling the woman a liar, but I am sure that Moore intended to leave the impression that our military is completely insensitive.

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