Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Support for South Korean Consulate

I emailed sympathies to the South Korean Consulate here in Washington, DC, offering regret over the murder of Kim Sun-Il.

Here is their response:
Thank you for your condolences and symphathies.
It is comfort to us that there are many people like you who shares our sadness.
Please keep praying for Mr. Sun-Il Kim’s family and everyone in Iraq.
If you would like to email your condolences, click here.

Update!!! This from the Asian Times:
The execution has galvanized the people, pushing many into the deployment camp. Preliminary surveys indicate a 20+% jump in the number of respondents who now support the government's plans. If the government is committing itself to operations in Iraq only to satisfy a tacit obligation to support the US in the misguided hope of creating leverage in negotiations concerning the timing of the USFK withdrawal, then support or not, the dispatch should be scrapped. Iraq is not a place for half measures or token forces. But if the government is committed to the long-term agenda of stability and reconstruction, built on street-level security, then the execution of Kim may have given them the support they need.

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