Thursday, June 24, 2004

A New Enemy for Iraqis

The enemy of my enemy is my friend...

I've been giving my two-cents to family members on this issue for weeks now. The Iraqi people are going to get sick and tired of this once the transfer of sovereignty is complete. I read an article (looking for it now) that said the Iraqis are against the coalition because of their psychological need to "defeat someone." They never had a chance to fight for their liberty, so it doesn't feel legit just to have the tyranny taken from them.

That is why they fight the US and call it an occupation; they have no one to fight so they rage against the Coalition. Now a new enemy is emerging that is not the US and they can wage their battle for freedom against these "sons of pigs, dogs and monkeys" as Abu Monkey calls them.

And dare I say, if they start to relearn the true history of world events (not through an Arab film lense), Israel might have an ally in the Middle East--another group of people just sick and goddam tired of these demonic lunatics running around blowing stuff up.

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