Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Move Over Moveon.org

The Washington Times reports that John Templeton Foundation is creating a conservative organization to combat the bile spewing from Moveon.org called Let Freedom Ring, Inc.

There is a difference, however. Moveon.org is an infamous 527 corporation that can spend all its money in political ads, so long as it is not coordinated with a particular candidate or party.

Let Freedom Ring, Inc. is a 501c4 company that can only spend 49% of its money on political ads with the same restrictions as a 527, but there is one major difference. 527's must disclose the names of contributors and how much they gave; 501c4's do not.

This will allow the organization to, "sink to Moveon.org's level," without contributors fearing being associated with the organization. Should be VERY interesting!

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