Thursday, June 24, 2004

Radical Life

Crush Kerry has a new political ad out called Radical Life. Please be sure to check it out. CK also points to a great article in the Weekly Standard written by Bill Kristol: anti-anti-Saddam

Also, here is a great and well written comment from "uncleflex" to Crush Kerry's post about the Iraq al-Queda connection.
In my opinion, I do not believe that bin-Laden and Saddam were Joint-Venture partners in terrorism. Both had very strong ego's and their agendas to rule. It is clear that both had as their goal to rule the Middle East, Africa, Europe, Asia and eventuallt North America. They elected to do this through acts of TERRORISM as a start. They did not have a time schedule, they didn't have a planned alliance, However; Each benefited by the others accomplishments. The fact is, that they really didn't trust each other but because their goals were the same they tolerated ech other. Saddam had greater resources and thus was able to become the center of terrorist training. Saddam provided protection for many terrorist groups including factions of al-Qaida. THIS IS THEIR CONNECTION TO EACH OTHER.

The success of bin-Laden (al-Qaida) on 9-11 only frustrated Saddam for he had hopes of being the one to inflict harm to the United States. I think that at this point Saddam became further frustrated and more radical and thus, more predictable. He dared the world to stop him and so we DID, with the help of many of our good friendly nations. This of course, was without the help of France, Canada, Germany and Russia. We pushed him to the end. finding him in a hole with can's of 7-UP and we will find and end the activity of bin-Laden, he can hide in caves or from behind piles of Camel Dung eating from cans of Goat Balls, for only so long and when we do, WILL TERRORISM CONTINUE, YES and all over the world! Remember it took over 8 years to bring down a little "Wallpaper Hanger" and no U.S.President since the middle 50's has been successful in ending TERRORIST activity. Some went at it a harder than others but most initiatives mounted met with failure. We brought down Saddam in 3 years. G.W.Bush is one President who is achiving success.

So, all you kerry, kennedy, moore, clinton, byrd and 9-11 commission lovers stop trying to blame our President, G.W. Bush and his administration for TERRORISM. KEEP YOUR MOUTHS SHUT! it is apparent you are not capable of contributing anything POSITIVE. You are walking a thin line and many of you are only one step away from committing TREASON.
Couldn't say it better myself!


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