Wednesday, July 21, 2004

What Time Is Best for You?

Please check out Instapundit today who has some good quotes about this whole Berger investigation.

He links to Slings & Arrows:
It occurred to me last night that the Democrats are always whining about the "timing" of news developments. So, I thought I'd Google it. Let's look at Republicans first:
Bush DUI Leak: He questioned the timing of the revelation. "I do find it interesting that it's come out four or five days before the election," Bush said.

Rangle's Military Draft: However, Corbin questioned the timing of renewed discussion of the draft, saying: “I don’t see it as something viable politically. Right now the feeling of not wanting troops in Iraq is as strong as it’s ever been with all the reserve mobilization. There seems to be growing resistance to the operation in Iraq.”
Now, if you have several minutes, let look at the Democrats:
Ashcroft Warns of Attack (March): Senator John Kerry, the expected Democratic presidential candidate, said the timing of the announcement appeared intended in part to distract attention from Mr. Bush's sagging poll numbers and problems in Iraq. ...and...Two Kerry supporters questioned the timing of the administration's threat report, wondering in a conference call arranged by the campaign whether the latest announcement was politically motivated.

Ashcroft Warns of Attack (July): Democrats have criticized a number of such warnings by the administration and questioned the timing of the latest televised news conference that provided no new specific intelligence about an attack on any specific site.

Capture of Saddam Hussien: On Seattle radio yesterday, Rep. Jim McDermott questioned the timing of Saddam Hussein's capture, saying, "I'm sure they could have found him a long time ago if they wanted to."

FBI investigation of Philadelphia City Hall: Democratic State Senator Vince Fumo questioned the timing of the investigation and Ashcroft's visit, saying "I don't know how often the Attorney General of the United States goes to visit attorney generals throughout the United States and if this is just a stop-by to check on the office to see how it is doing, that timing is not exactly appropriate either."

U.S. Allegations Against Cuba: "We know that Cuba has been doing some research with respect to biological offensive weapons possibly, and so we think that it is appropriate for us to point out this kind of activity," Powell said. But Carter questioned the timing of the allegations that came during his visit to Cuba.

Report Released Showing the Administration Withheld Medicare Estimates: One staffer also questioned the timing, suggesting that the administration wanted to release it when the news media was focused on Sen. John Kerry’s (D-Mass.) decision to name Sen. John Edwards (D-N.C.) as his running mate.

Swift Boat Veterans for Truth: Meehan and other Kerry aides questioned the timing of the group's emergence just as the Kerry campaign was launching a $25-million television ad campaign based on his Vietnam War record
So we are left with the question, "Is any time a good time?" Quite obviously, for the Democrats, the answer is, "No."

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