Thursday, July 22, 2004

"This is ALL staged!" (F9/11 Review Part IV of V)

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Part IV: "This is ALL staged!"

I admit that Michael Moore surprised me by not leaving the one sane person on the cutting room floor. When the grieving mother, who Michael Moore obviously coached for this movie, descends on Washington, DC, one woman interrupts the most ridiculous scene saying, "this is all stated!"

She is absolutely correct. Obviously, I do not want to criticize a woman grieving for her son, but this "documentary" warrants aggressive rebuttal. I fill every stereotype Moore tried to use in this sequence in the second to last portion of his movie. He interviews a woman, married to a black man (like my mother) whose son is stationed in Iraq (my father served in the first Gulf War and in Somalia and my cousin served in Iraq and requested to return), who just happens to have a letter that bashes Bush.

I can say with 100% certainty that Michael Moore only chose this grieving family solely for their hatred of the current administration. More than 1000 people have given their life in the war on terror, but Michael Moore chooses only ONE family to interview (along with some very stupid old, white, Jewish-esque women).

How do we know this is bullshit? We know this within the first 120 seconds of the interview when the woman begins to cry explaining how the military informed her about the death of her son over the telephone. Anyone who's ever had a loved one overseas and/or fighting in conflict knows that the military NEVER does this by phone. Today's military will only inform a family of loss with a group of people showing up at their house and a battalion of grief counselors at their side. I can only conclude that this grieving woman agreed to lie in this movie because of her partisan politics. How shameful! She disgraces her son!

Moore continues to lie and lie some more in this sequence--and I have further credentials to ambush his lies. I worked at the VA headquarters for over a year. One, Moore makes false claims about Bush cutting veterans' funding (Bush added billions of dollars in the VA's discretionary budget) and the VA is right across from the White House--where I would walk Lafayette Park every day at lunch and never ONCE saw that screaming monkey crying about the murderous activities of our soldiers.

This portion of the movie really incites anger--not at the situation in Iraq--but with the blatant emotional pandering of Michael Moore. I know many families in the area that sought the VA's service after Afghanistan and Iraq and they were in no way against Bush. In fact (see post below), the soldiers in Iraq that have been there the longest will still vote for Bush. So we know that Michael Moore selectively chose to represent only those families that hate Bush (like Nick Berg's) and the soldiers that probably never voted in their life and will only do so to get home--even with the possibility of that home being destroyed by terrorists.

This movie does not get any better and when I review the end, you will see why Michael Moore should be hanged for treason.


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