Thursday, July 22, 2004

American Soldiers' Poll

My commute reading remains mostly books during this political year, but I still get a chance to read my fav'rite magazines from time to time. This month's Men's Journal conducted a poll with the overall question of how our troops on the ground feel about their efforts in Iraq.

Men's Journal interviewed 220 soldiers: 107 at Anaconda, 90 at Camp Cuervo and 23 at Baghdad International Airport, from May 18 - 29. They also followed-up with 55 soldiers for comments during more in-depth interviews. Here are the results:

1. Was the US Military prepared for this war?

62% Yes | 27% No | 11% Don't now/no answer

2. If it were up to you, would you pull troops out now or would you stay?

50% Pull out | 41% Stay | 9% Don't know

3. Who would you vote for if the presidential election were held today?

37% Bush | 30% Kerry | 9% Other | 15% Don't know/no answer | 13% Not planning to vote

4. What is the reaction of Iraqis to the US military here?***

29% Welcoming | 49% Impatient | 11% Resistant | 11% Don't know/no answer

5. Do we have enough troops to finish the job in Iraq?

72% Yes | 20% No | 8% Don't know/no answer

6. How accurate is the US media in portraying the situation in Iraq?

13% Mostly accurate | 40% Somewhat accurate | 24% Somewhat inaccurate | 6% Don't know/no answer

Welcoming: They want us to stay until order is restored and an Iraqi-led government is in place.

Impatient: They are grateful for what we've done but eager for us to withdraw so they can get on with rebuilding the country.

Resistant: They resent our presence and want us to leave immediately.


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