Friday, July 23, 2004

Bush Can Preach Good Too!

Bush addressed the Urban League today in a command performance.

"Does the Democratic Party take African-American voters for granted? It's a fair question, Do Democrats earn your vote and deserve it, he asked? (APPLAUSE!)

"Is it a good thing for the African-American community to be represented mainly by one political party?," (APPLAUSE!)

"Have the traditional solutions of the Democratic Party truly served the African-American community? People need to be asking these very serious questions," (APPLAUSE!)

"Does blocking the faith-based initiative help neighborhoods where the only social service provider could be a church? (APPLAUSE!)

"Does the status quo in education really help the children of this country? (APPLAUSE!)

"Has class warfare or higher taxes ever created decent jobs in the inner city? (APPLAUSE!)

"Are you satisfied with the same answers on crime, excuses for drugs and blindness to the problem of the family? Those are legitimate questions that I hope you'll ask as this election approaches." (APPLAUSE!)

TAKE A LOOK AT MY AGENDA!  (dems hate facts)

"I'm here to say that there is an alternative this year." President Bush said his record is easy to see. "If you dream of starting a small business and building a nest egg and passing something of value to your children, take a look at my agenda. (APPLAUSE!)

"If you believe schools should meet high standards instead of making excuses, take a look at my agenda. (APPLAUSE!)

"If you believe the insts of marriage and family are worth defending and need defending today, take a look at my agenda. (APPLAUSE!)

"If you believe in building a culture of life in America, take a look at this agenda.(APPLAUSE!)

"If you believe in a tireless fight against crime and drugs, take a look at this agenda. (APPLAUSE!)

"If you believe that our men and women in uniform should be respected and supported one hundred percent of the time, take a look at my agenda. (APPLAUSE!)

"If you're struggling to get into the middle class and you feel like you're paying plenty of tax, take a look at my agenda. (APPLAUSE!)

"If you're a small business owner who's trying to expand your job base and are worried about excessive lawsuits, increasing taxes and overregulation, take a look at this agenda. (APPLAUSE!)

"Finally, if you believe in the power of faith and compassion to defeat violence, despair and hopelessness, I hope you take a look at where I stand.

"You see I believe in my heart that the Republican not complete without the perspective and support and contribution of African-Americans."



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