Sunday, August 08, 2004

Sunday Seminar

This is my first Sunday Seminar where I will link to all the great columns, newsbits and posts from others in the blogosphere.

First, everyone should check out Kitty Litter, Red Line Rants and Kerry Haters on a daily basis. They provide tons of bloggy goodness, for example:

1. Kitty's entertainment coverage with write-ups of the new Manchurian Candidate. Even Al Franken got a cameo in this one!

2. Also check out her write up on Kerry Haters, Prophetic or Fantasy?

3. Pat's keen eye for detail offers great analysis in Kerry's Stories. I should say that I am learning a lot from Pat because I posted something I noticed about Kerry's campaign ad and a day later I saw Mort Kondrake make the same statement on the Beltway Boys. The grasshopper is learning, Master!

4. Then there's the phenom of Red Line Rants. Tyler posts so much information there's no one article that stands out. This site sometimes takes several visits a day to get through. Keep up the great work!

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