Friday, August 13, 2004

All I Want for Christmas Is to Get Over Vietnam

Pat and Kitty over at Kerry Haters are doing an EXCEPTIONAL job in providing readers with facts and data regarding Kerry's string of lies regarding his Vietnam service. I come from a military family (three generations) and I celebrate anyone volunteering to serve this country. But John Kerry seems to think that a four month stint in Vietnam requires the American people to pay him back with the presidency.

If active duty means you can be president, then why isn't my dad president? Why do military people even need to interview for positions once they get out? Why not just walk into a business and say, 'hire me and don't ask any questions'?

The left will say that by Kerry volunteering to serve, that makes him demonstrably better than Bush because Bush only flew jets in the National Guard and might have been AWOL for three months helping someone get elected. If this were 1975, I would agree with that argument--but this is 2004, 35 years after Kerry's service in Vietnam. Following the Democrats' logic, my high school stint ten years ago at a Taco Bell fast-food restaurant as a burrito maker makes me more qualified to run Taco Bell, Inc. than someone with a Master's in Business and ten years experience in running a corporation. That makes no sense.

Remember, no Republican is so obsessed with Vietnam, not even John McCain. But for Democrats, everything is Vietnam: Gulf War to free Kuwait; Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan and the War of Iraqi Liberation. Why is Vietnam always rearing its ugly head? Because the liberal wing of the Democratic party made a name for themselves during the Vietnam era and rode that wave of villification for the last 30 years.

The world is vastly different in 2004 and requires new ideas and bold thinking--something liberals lack. Liberals are still trying to get their political philosophies to work. They placed all their hopes in places like China, the Soviet Union, Communist Cuba and all have been disasters. Instead of going back to the drawing board, they just keep saying, "give us another shot."

In a post-9/11 world we cannot take that gamble and the liberals know it; they see the sun setting on their agenda because Vietnam is becoming more and more antiquated. This is why they will do anything to resurrect it. Every war is the "next Vietnam" even though no war will EVER be like Vietnam. It pains them to see that the United States learned its lesson, made the adjustments and got over it.

So when you hear all this talk about Vietnam and John Kerry, remember that Vietnam is Kerry's schtick just like Jim Crowe racism is Jesse Jackson's bread and butter. If it doesn't exist anymore you must recreate it or you will not get paid.


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