Monday, July 26, 2004

More on Those "Foreign Leaders for Kerry"

Jerusalem ( - Palestinian Authority Chairman Yasser Arafat is waiting out the U.S. presidential election in the hopes that George W. Bush will be voted out of office, the head of Israel's military intelligence said.

Faced with growing internal unrest in the PA and among members of his Fatah faction, Arafat has nevertheless refused to implement meaningful security reforms as demanded by Egypt and the Quartet - the U.S., European Union, United Nations, and Russia.

In remarks over the weekend, Arafat said there was no crisis in the PA. He said Prime Minister Ahmed Qurei, who tried to resign but was denied by Arafat, never asked for control of the security services - a key Quartet demand.

One cause of the growing turmoil within the PA is a decision by Arafat to "sit and do nothing" until after the U.S. elections, military intelligence chief Maj.-Gen. Aharon Ze'evi told cabinet ministers on Sunday.

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Also look below about how more people of Jewish faith are warming up to George W. Bush.

UPDATE: The Italians want a vote too! 100 leftist, Italian politicians wrote a letter to Ralph Nader asking him to drop out of the race because they don't want George Bush to win:
"Precisely because, as Europeans, we are also committed to the United States ... we ask you today not to give George W. Bush a second chance, which would be costly for your country and the whole international community," the letter said.

"In a world which is ever more interdependent, the choice that will guide the most powerful country on Earth will have deep and durable repercussions," it said.

"Which is why we ask you to withdraw your candidacy for the White House and give your support, even with reservations, to John F. Kerry."
This is reason enough to vote for George W. Bush and tell those EuroUnion jerks to (in the words of Ms. Heinz-Kerry) "Shove it!"

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