Thursday, July 29, 2004

Hope Is on the Way

John Edwards proclaimed several times last night that, "Hope is on the way." Let's look at the hope we will have if Kerry/Edwards are elected:

1. We will HOPE that we get to keep our own money.

2. We will HOPE that our troops are not treated like those in Vietnam.

3. We will HOPE that all the doctors in this country don't close up shop.

4. We will HOPE that we can still say "under God" and "in God We Trust."

5. We will HOPE that France and Germany will sprout a real fighting force to assist us in the war on terror.

6. We will HOPE that Edwards will speak for the unborn getting their brains vacuumed out during a partial-birth abortion like he did for the unborn who made him mega-rich.

7. We will HOPE that John Edwards un-incorporates himself so he can pay income taxes and medicare like the rest of us.

8. We will HOPE that Kerry/Edwards will not sell Israel to the highest bidder simply to get us "respect" in the world.

9. We will HOPE that North Korea, Iran, Syria, Lybia, Cuba, Sudan, China and the EU do NOT find a "new" friend in the United States.

10. We will HOPE that that we will retain our citizenship and not be held to UN mandates and the International Court.

11. We will HOPE to be alive in 2008 to vote them out of office.

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