Friday, October 01, 2004

The Results

Bush lost the debate in the "debate sense" in that he did not do what he should have: SHAME KERRY.

But the polling afterwards doesn't show that American's cared who won the debate; the people wanted to hear what they would do and wanted to see who they were. Rat bastards can win debates...that doesn't mean they win the vote.

Read the stats here. Thanks, Crush Kerry.


EDgAr H. said...

I didn't see the debate for some reason I do not care to share .. anyway ! Thanx ! That was helpfull ! :)

Ghost Dansing said...

Dubya got his big bounce in the public opinion polls from the Swift boat nonsense and the mocking, nonstop criticism of Senator Kerry at the Republican National Convention. Those were distractions from the real world. But reality cannot be kept at bay indefinitely. Readers of The Washington Post got a disturbing dose of it on Sunday from a front-page article about the strain being put on the overloaded systems of veterans' disability benefits and health care by the thousands of American troops returning from Iraq and Afghanistan with physical injuries and mental health problems.

The article noted that "President Bush's budget for 2005 calls for cutting the Department of Veterans Affairs staff that handles benefits claims."

The best thing that anybody can do for the Troops is to "DD".. that's "Dump Bush" on November 2.

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