Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Airhead America

Captain's Quarters likens Al Franken taking to the road for his radio show (I guess he will go around and visit his eight listeners) to a 527. I actually disagree with this assessment. I believe that Reagan was right to support the removal of the fairness doctrine on the media--making it more beholden to the public and less to elitists. If Franken can improve his ratings by travelling around and doing his radioshow--more power to him!

To characterize Al Franken's radio network as a 527 would be the same as calling Rush or Hannity or Stewart or Maher 527s. They are entertainers. And, in the tradition of most circuses, I support Al Frankenstein taking his freak show to the people.

Also, Franken comments on O'Reilly's interview on 60 Minutes Sunday. He says he will pay O'Reilly $1million to prove he comes from a blue collar background. This makes me wonder if O'Reilly (who I have a love-hate relationship with) is hiding something. If he did come from a blue collar background, O'Reilly could shut down Air America in one fail swoop. So why won't he do it?

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