Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Welcome Swarthmore Swatties!

I looked at my stats and saw someone from Swarthmore College was checking out my site!

Kudos! or Hazaa (as Professor Farnsworth would put it)!

Please come back often and share with your friends at Swat!


EB said...

Don't get yourself too worked up. I'm the Swattie ('92) who hit your site. It was a random drive-by on account of us both having "Swarthmore College" listed in our interest profiles. I'm not a fan of the site and don't plan on coming back. It's not so much that you're a hard-core conservative blogger, which--believe me--I can live with. It's that the blog's persepective is sufficiently ideological and sometimes borderline uncivil. There's really no discussion to have. You're not here to really exchange ideas in a pursuit of truth or the common good. I don't even think you're trying to make a persuasive argument to change anybody's mind. This pretty much seems like a romper room for people who share your views. That's fine. Everybody likes to joke around with like-minded people once in a while. Just don't expect me to feel like hanging out there too. I certainly wouldn't be caught endorsing it.

Although Swarthmore has always been subject to a certain amount of knee-jerk liberalism, I think one it's core institutional strengths has always been its commitment to thoughtful, serious reflection on ideas, policies, and practices that impact on human lives. On its best days, it's about forging pluralistic visions of peace, community, tolerance, social responsibility, and the common good.

I ain't feeling the love, here. But fare thee well. (And if you're an alumnus, please don't let my criticisms reflect negatively on the school. They really want your donation, don't you know.)

STCA said...

I wish you would reconsider. The slant is steeper in the run-up to the elections.

There is room for thoughtful debate which is why I have a comments section! and I alway enjoy hearing comments and critiques.

I agree that Swarthmore was a venue of debate--it was generally debate between the left and the hard left and anything conservative or religious was treated as hate speech and fantastical.

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