Saturday, August 21, 2004

V Is for Valor

This doesn't look like it has a lot of legs, but someone noticed that John Kerry's Silver Star DD 214 was awarded for "V" which is Valor.

One problem, the Silver Star is never awarded for valor...


Wild Bill said...

I heard about this. Lets give it legs.

kitty said...

This bugs me a great deal, too! I've been printing the pertinent records from Kerry's website. His Silver Star most definitely has a "V" awarded to it. Here's the page:

I'm thinking of posting something about this on KerryHaters ... a request for any info from any military people who might be able to shed light on this.

PLUS, did you know that he was not discharged until 1978, which means “when Kerry was protesting the war and holding private meetings with North Vietnamese and Viet Cong representatives in Paris, he was still a Naval officer in the reserves.” (InstaPundit quote)

STCA said...

I think ths would make an excellent post for Kerry Haters. You should first garner comments and then include them in your post.

I will talk to my dad (retired Lt. Col) about this and see what he says.

Look, I am all about praising Kerry for going to Vietnam--even for four months! I don't care that he was smart enough to get out of there when he could. So many people just ran away; and GW probably went awol for three months.

SO WHAT? All I can think of is the Manchurian Candidate when Meryl Streep says, "We can give them a war hero!" That's exactly what the dems tried to do (while telling their anti-war faction, "we're just kidding.").

If he just yes I served, not I am a war hero, then it would have just gone by. And personally, I think him attacking fellow vets was a bad move.

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