Friday, August 20, 2004


Above we see a desperate man!

I remember watching Bush fail to respond to all the outrageous allegations against him--50 hate books written about Bush (many of which have since been disproven: Joe Wilson, Richard Clarke); a movie grossing over $100 Million that's since been vetted and shown to mostly be false; $15 Million spent by ACT and Move On and all the rancid invective coming from liberals--and I was pissed. Why wouldn't he get angry and challenge all this nonsense???

Well, watching John Kerry's meltdown over one book and two ads demonstrates why Bush should lead this nation. Look at his anger, look at all the wild accusations of conspiracy within the Administration and every Republican in the country. They threatened local television stations with lawsuits (knowing they did so on baseless grounds); they are threatening Walmart, Barnes & Noble and; they make criminal charges about the relationship between Bush and a republican in Texas; they are using the Main Stream Media (MSM) (Chris Matthews and James Carville) to shill during interviews instead of interviewing; they've done everything except ANSWER THE ALLEGATIONS!

The Swift Vets have been around since March and the media didn't pay any attention to them. Excerpts from their book, Unfit for Command, have been reported on the Drudge Report for THREE WEEKS and the media was silent. FOXNEWS doing what journalists do investigated the issue and put both sides on the air to argue it out (accept Kerry used surrogates, not Bush). The first MSM articles were PLASTERED ALL OVER THE FRONT PAGE finding two little inconsistancies and placing the well researched accusations of the Swift Vets at the bottom of the articles.

Remember, these aren't just any veterans, some were POWs for YEARS! Silver Star, Bronze Star, and Purple Heart winners can't have an opinion? Bull$hit.

This is THE MOMENT that will demonstrate the powers that be in this country. We will see the media spin this like these 254 VETERANS are satan incarnate. The New York Times spent all this time researching Republican connections to ONE 527 but no articles to all the 527's comparing Bush to Hilter and talking about his dental records. And you can also see Chris Matthews show his stripes as he becomes posessed in his attack against Michelle Malkin who was only there to promote her book, but since she was a conservative was worthy of his rant.

Again, no one will address the issues, just attack the messengers.

And when you get sick of hearing about Vietnam (which Republicans were over 20 years ago), remember who keeps bringing it up...the new motto should be, "Move On...because we can't!"


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