Wednesday, November 03, 2004


Terrorists everywhere in the world are running scared now. The American people have spoken and George W. Bush wins four more years!

Michael Moore, George Soros, Al Gore, Jaques Chirac and Kofi Annan can kiss my black ass!


paul said...

Listen doll, the terrorists want war, they want to be attacked, that's how they get support. Without an enemy, terrorists have no one to fight.

That's why they wanted Bush to win.

Ghost Dansing said...

Dubya has been very very good for Bin Laden. And Bin Laden has been very very good for Dubya.

I personnally am not a Dubya fan, and didn't vote for him or his Republican administration. So I can say "It's all really not my fault", with a good conscience. Dubya will add to his litany of mistakes in the next four years, and I hope the people who are voting for him along party lines 'cause they like the sound of the word "conservative" don't have to find out the hard way just how bad his domestic and foreign policies are. Dubya and the Republican-dominated congress will continue to borrow-and-spend, increasing the deficit until we are all in hoc to our eyebrows to the Chinese. As far as Iraq is concerned, they know that they need international and UN support both economically in terms of force strength. But they won't be able to easily get it, because they have alienated everybody, and generally poisoned the well. There will be no viable solutions for Health Care, and any domestic program will only sound good, but will end up only fattening the profit margins of large corporations.

Then there are the troops:

Dubya has failed the military on almost every level – marking the difference between being militaristic and pro-military.

Discounting that he sent American troops into Iraq on false pretenses, a real commander would fight for the welfare of his troops. But Bush has demonstrated a consistent unwillingness to do so, and as a result many high-ranking officers have endorsed Kerry, including retired Navy Adm. William Crowe and former chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Army Gen. John Shalikashvili.

Bush has failed the military on almost every level. While Halliburton and Boeing went to the bank this year with about $10 billion each, undermanned U.S. forces went into Iraq without armored vests and driving unarmored vehicles. The fatal results were hidden from public view as the dead were secreted home and the Department of Defense (DOD) obscured and juggled the numbers of maimed and wounded.

Once back in the United States, veterans found no federal welcome mat laid out for them. By April this year, one in six veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan had filed benefits claims with the Veterans Administration for service-related disabilities. These figures do not include those troops still serving and are twice the number the DOD Web site says suffered "Non-Mortal Wounds" in those conflicts. Today, one-third of those claims, almost 10,000, have yet to be processed. Further, Bush's 2005 budget will cut 540 staff members of the Veterans Benefit Administration, which is the office that handles the claims. The outreach department that lets vets know of available services also was instructed in a 2002 memo by a deputy undersecretary in the Veterans Health Administration to run in silent mode to flush out people who had not made claims out of ignorance.

Even if the war wounded succeed in getting disability pay, in 2003 Bush threatened to veto a bill that allowed veterans to collect disability pay and pensions simultaneously.

In 2003, his administration also tried to cut combat pay from $225 to $150 a month and the family separation allowance from $250 to $100. And most callously of all, the frat brat who ducked a war that killed 48,000 American troops threatened to veto a proposal to double the $6,000 payment to relatives of soldiers killed in action.

That is typical of the way in which President Bush, who loves to dress up in uniform, treats those who actually wear one. As a June 30, 2003, Army Times editorial concluded: "President Bush and the Republican-controlled Congress have missed no opportunity to heap richly deserved praise on the military. But talk is cheap and getting cheaper by the day, judging by the nickel-and-dime treatment the troops are getting lately."

In his ghostwritten 1999 biography "A Charge to Keep," an indignant Bush wrote: "Nearly twelve thousand members of the armed forces are on food stamps. I support increased pay and better benefits and training for our citizen solders. A volunteer military has only two paths. It can lower its standards to fill its ranks. Or it can inspire the best and brightest to join and stay." Despite four years to do something about it, more than 250,000 military families did not get Bush's much-vaunted child tax credit because their breadwinner earned less than $26,000 a year. And in his 2005 budget, Bush proposes only that combat pay not count toward eligibility for food stamps – for which no less than 25,000 military families are eligible.

The U.S. Army pay scale is about half that of the British, which is why there is a major crisis in military recruitment. Senior officers talk about a "serious crisis" in recruitment for the regular forces. In addition, the Iraq war has put heavy demands on reservists and guard units. For the first time in 10 years, the guard failed to meet its recruitment target. In one Indiana unit, for instance, the reenlistment rate has dropped from 85 percent to 32 percent.

You would think that the Bush administration would be solicitous of the foot soldiers who carry out its imperial ambitions. But this administration is militaristic, not pro-military. Most of its members sedulously avoided combat and uniformed service of any kind in previous wars and most current enlisted personnel come from small town, blue-collar America, precisely the people whose voices are among the least heard. It is no surprise that Labor Secretary Elaine Chao's proposals for cutting back legal entitlement to overtime pay this year included all those who had learned their skill in the military.

All of this penny-pinching may seem strange in light of Bush's desperate attempts to associate himself with the military. But when he dons a flak jacket, the president is not looking to win over those GIs who have just had their term extended on stop-loss orders, but those TV-viewing voters who put the military on a pedestal as the guarantor of American virtues.

It's all just posturing.

Thad said...

Did you read that, STCA? Like, really? Did you take off your partisan glasses for a little bit and actually read it? Did you ask your mommy to explain to you all the big words? I know reading is tough, but if you just put some effort in I know you can do it.

Now, to take some jabs at you.
SCTA... something to cry about, huh? Well, other than the more-than-probable horrible backne that has kept you single all your life, I really can't find anything else to cry about.

Really- I lost? Did I? No, a man that was running for president, John Kerry, lost. Not me. You have assimilated yourself so much into a party (that doesn't even want you, bro), embraced all their ideals, and decided to use good ol' blind faith than that over-rated rationality and analysis.
It's come to that, too- Partisanship and faith in "ideals" have risen up, suckerpunched Democracy in the nuts, and taken its place.

I don't dislike you. You called me bastard- while that's not too original or even that scathing, you were kind hearted enough to put a smiley after it. Perhaps you did that because you thought your comment was clever or something, or because you feel you have "won."
And that's fine. But who's really won? George W. Bush, if Ohio goes to him.
The only sadness that I feel is that your partisanship has not only blinding you politically, but also ripped out your heart- making you believe you and I are different.
We're both American. We both love and fear for our country. We both want what's best. We both need each other, and everyone else.

At least I didn't forget that.

Have a happy term, though. You earned it.

STCA said...

Hmmmm. Let's see. You lose, then you make fun of me personally.

Very typical.

Thad said...

So, what you're saying is no, you didn't read a thing. It's pointless. The more I look at how intertwined you are with being hateful and narrowminded, the more I realize you probably never will listen.
Sure, I made fun of you. But I also pointed out that your biggest problem (and our country's) is how you have distanced yourself from half this country based on something like politics. You're a partisan hack who knows nothing but to run in one direction with your horns pointed straight out. It pains me to watch you slither around online admist your family of like-minded buddies, all ranting and raving on how you (your candidate, your party, your Faith) won.

But you're probably a good guy. Had we met in another situation we may have become friends (I base this on my large Republican friend count). We're both still Americans and we're both still human beings... at least because of those things we still have in common I hoped you might have actually listened.

But you didn't.

Very typical.

paul said...

Dude, we didn't lose. Kerry did. Most of us supported Kerry because of issues, not the man.

We're the real conservatives, we don't worship the men in power. We are very suspicious of them, no matter which party they are from.

You, meanwhile, pretend to be a conservative, yet you worship a man who you don't know, know little about other than what you read in the various media, and take it at face value.

Ghost Dansing said...

Hmm... something else to consider:

Since November 2000, the twin towers have been obliterated, we've gone to war preemptively and under erroneous pretenses in Iraq, George W. Bush has become the first president since Herbert Hoover to have jobs shrink on his watch, our standing in the world has diminished nearly everywhere. And how did all this affect the electoral map? A shift of 17,000 votes turned New Hampshire (four electoral votes) from red to blue, while a shift of 12,000 votes turned New Mexico (five electoral votes) from blue to red.

Anonymous said...

Hope you get the chance to give your opion to my son-in-law(whose's at Camp Pendelton). He served in "Desert Storm" and was on the front line that took Bagdad.
Talk with the men & women who have served more than a few years and you'll see they know they are better off with President Bush. He gives they respect & 100% support.
As far as jobs go - remember 9/11. I have a small business that stopped for more than a month. Alot of people in my industry started losing their businesses. If President Bush had not be Leader, we would not be in business today. He gave tax breaks at a time it was needed. Never before in history has a president had to start from a dead stop to get the job market back on track. More and more small businesses are coming back or starting new, which means more jobs. Plain and simply - it works.

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