Friday, November 05, 2004

337,000 New Jobs!

In 2001, the congress and the president acted giving target cuts to the middle class through tax rebates, repealing the marriage penalty and doubling the child credit. But job growth was stagnant.

In 2003, the "tax cuts for the rich" passed and since then we have had an average job creation of 200,000 a month.

Hmmmm. 337,000 new payroll jobs.

The jobs keep rolling in! Funny how the dow is shooting up and gas prices are at a two month low. Everyone on the left loves conspiracies (Halliburton, et al), but consider this: Could Soros have been hedging oil futures and the election market to make it look bleak for Bush?

A second term will allow Bush to savor the fruits of his labor. Iraq will be a victory and our troops will come home. The economy is going to soar. We will be able to reform social security (which affects me), tort reform (which affects our nations caregivers), and an energy policy that will create so many jobs and give us our own oil supply out of Alaska and ethanol from our nations great farmers.

Hey ya!

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