Saturday, November 06, 2004

Eat Cookies for Soldiers!

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From DC Military:
Military series cookies debut at 35th anniversary celebration of the NMFA

How do you show your appreciation to the men and women of the Armed Forces for their sacrifice and service? If you are Cliff Smith of San Diego, California, you say it with cookies!

The Cookie Club of America debuted Stampers cookies at the National Military Family Association's (NMFA) 35th Anniversary Dinner and Auction, Saturday May 1, 2004 at the Capital Hilton Hotel in Washington, DC. More than 350 distinguished guests, including senior leadership of the Department of Defense and the Services, Congressional staffs, representatives of the American Logistics Association, DoD contractors, and 30 NMFA volunteer Representatives from all over the world, were on hand to help celebrate NMFA's 35 years of service to military families. Each guest received a box of cookies to take home, including the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Richard B. Myers. Mr. Smith had the opportunity to meet with General Myers and personally present him with a box.

Cliff Smith developed the concept of Stampers as his own unique way of showing his support and appreciation for the men and women of America's Armed Forces. Cliff, whose family has a long history of military service, combined his patriotism with his entrepreneurial spirit and obtained special authorization from each branch of the United States military services to emboss the emblems of the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, Coast Guard, and the Army and Air National Guard on the cookies. Mr. Smith is producing them through his new company, Cookie Club of America (CCA).


Anonymous said...

Instead of eating cookies for soldiers...we should buy them all up and send them to the soldiers...

Anonymous said...

According to the news articles I see in their website, this cookie company helps the troops in three ways...
1) A portion of their proceeds are donated to the National Military Family Association.
2) Shoppers are encouraged to write a message to the troops on the dog tag greeting cards on each store display (they are now in 1,500 grocery stores).
3) The company has already sent more than 1,100 boxes of the cookies to U.S. troops in Iraq and Afghanistan!
Sounds like a cookie with a heart!

Anonymous said...

These cookies are great, I have had 3 boxes and I love the suuport for our Military! Go Cookie Club Of America!

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