Monday, October 18, 2004

Pounding Pavement for the President!

What a great time I had working to get our president re-elected. I enjoyed meeting fellow supporters and was glad Bethany got to experience her first act of civic duty! Here are some pictures:


Paul Santos said...

Great work, Aaron. Glad to see others who are willing to get up off the couch and practice what we preach. Regardless of your "candidate of preference," more Americans need to get involved in politics, especially in a year like these where there is so much apathy and lack of interest by the American public.

The more we get involved, the greater the impact we can have, and that's the gosh darndest truth.

-Paul Santos

kitty said...

Aaron, are you in all 3 pics (baseball cap, white shirt & jeans)?

STCA said...

I am in none...I was the person taking the pictures...

That was a gentleman named Fernando. My father is the brown skinned man in the back of the group picture.

Most say I look hispanic. Fenando was a handsome guy so I'll take the confusion as a compliment :-)

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