Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Mug Shot Contest!

Look, I am ugly and not photogenic--but does the picture still look creepy?


Anonymous said...

You ARE ugly :-) Really - much better. Now I don't fear receiving a bomb in the mail from you.

- Owen

kitty said...

Creepy? NO WAY! You're cute, but the pic looks like you squished the width dimensions.

Anonymous said...

Ain't like very many of us guys ever did get as purty as Mama wanted us to be, anyway.
Creepy, nah.

Ghost Dansing said...

You look fine Aaron. Now consider this:

Conservatives have failed their own test of patriotism. In the end, it has been more important for them to defeat liberals (their twisted idea of liberalism) than to get Iraq right.

Had Democrats been running this war with the incompetence of Donald Rumsfeld & Friends, conservatives would have demanded their heads a year ago - and gotten them.

Did the president, in the debates, answer these concerns? He barely tried. His strategy is to focus all his energy on fanning doubts about whether Mr. Kerry understands that we have real enemies, so voters will not focus on how much we are on the wrong track - with virtually no friends in the world and an Iraq that is now so insecure our own soldiers are afraid to drive certain roads.

In British politics there used to be a standard test for candidates for prime minister: Would you want to go on a tiger hunt with this person? That is, would this candidate kill the tiger or try to reason with the tiger? Graham Allison, the Harvard international relations professor who just published a book called "Nuclear Terrorism: The Ultimate Preventable Catastrophe," said that the tiger hunt is even more relevant in America today.

"The big question about Kerry is, Will he pull the trigger?" Mr. Allison said. "And the big question about Bush is, Can he aim? With Bush, we know he can pull the trigger, but it's like he shot himself in the foot - and the tiger is still out there. It's the tiger who needs to be shot, not us."

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