Saturday, August 28, 2004

The World Wants to Vote

John Gibson's Hating America states something that should be obvious to everyone: the world wishes they could vote in our elections. Thank God they don't! Right Wing News points us to a great article written by a Canadian about our upcoming election; here is a snippet:
If the U.S. presidential election were held in Canada, John Kerry would win a landslide, with at least three-quarters of the vote, perhaps taking even Alberta. But they don't hold it here. (My reader will immediately grasp why no Republican administration could ever wish to annex Canada. Conquer and enslave us perhaps, but no plan that involved an extension of the franchise could fail to subvert the invaders.)

The world at large, and even the arguably-allied West, might well vote differently from the Americans, given their druthers. But they aren't Americans, and no matter how similar or dissimilar their societies, they do not carry the responsibilities which our southern neighbours bear. The U.S. simply IS the world's uncontested superpower -- the adult in the planetary kindergarten -- and with that comes an outlook no one else can fully share.

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