Thursday, August 05, 2004

Support for John Kerry

Here is a roundup of quotes from all the foreign supporters of John Kerry provided in Reckless Disregard:

* Al-Jazeera praises Kerry as a "popular mainstream Democrat with liberal tendencies, [who] hs been widely seen as a good compromise candidate in a divided party."

* Iranianian Ayatollah Mehdi said the Iranian Mullahs "fear Bush." "They think that if Bush is re-elected, they'll be gone. That is why they want to see Kerry elected."
Senior Advisor to Hasni Mubarak said Egyptians "are certain that a Democratic administration will be more realistic."

* North Korea broadcasts Kerry's speeches on state television and radio hoping for a return to the soft-power politics of the Democrats.

* Patrick Forestier, French municipal office worker, said "He is very much admired in France." "It seems like he will be more sympathetic to Europe...And of course anyone who is opposed to Bush will be popular with us."

* Spanish President (and terrorist appeaser) Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero said "W are aligning ourselves with Kerry. Our alliance will be for peace, against war, no more deaths for oil, and for a dialogue between the government of Spain and the new Kerry Administration."

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