Sunday, August 01, 2004

Party Platform Planks

Our friend Tyler over at Red Line Rants (or Red Liner Ants as our friend Kitty calls it) outlines a great party platform. While I commented that I think Bush's platform title will be "The Ownership Society," he hits the nail on the head with the specifics.

Ownership Society would include:
1. Owning your home/property.
2. Owning and keeping your wealth.
3. Owning your education through school choice.
4. Owning your social security (and thereby, your future).
5. Owning your gun.
Tyler's write-up discusses the following:
1. Limited Government through Federal Land Trusts, Term Limits and repealing the 17th Amendment.
2. Personal Freedom through ending the War on Drugs, expanding Free Trade Agreements and ending the Cuban Embargo.
3. Equal Opportunity through Health Care and Education.
4. National Security through fighting Islamic Terrorism, upholding the Patriot Act and enforcing Immigration Rules.

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