Sunday, August 01, 2004

Nails, Extermination and Dynomite

writes an excellent piece describing the bastardization of inventions that led to prosperity by the Palestinian terrorists:
One of the oldest inventions, and one of the most essential in the rise of civilization, was the nail. The idea of permanently fastening two pieces of wood together led to improved shelter, transportation, and a whole slew of other innovations that greatly improved people’s quality of life.

Disease has been another great threat to people’s health and prosperity. It took centuries to discover the link between vermin and pestilence. The Black Plague was spread by mites on rats. But it wasn’t until the 19th century that modern pest control and extermination began to develop in earnest. Today, rats and their related diseases are a nuisance, and only rarely cause the outbreaks of disease and death they brought in centuries past.

Alfred Nobel was a Swedish chemist of the mid-19th century. He was obsessed with developing a chemical that would make mining easier, safer, and quicker. He began working with formulas and blends of nitroglycerine, until he found one that was a stable paste, easily worked with and much more stable than the liquid form. His invention, dynamite, led to tremendous leaps in mining, excavating, road-clearing, and countless other advances.

And that brings us to today. Today, when the Palestinians are presented with these three great inventions, these three great building blocks of modern civilization, three of the many things without which we could not live as we do, they take them and combine them and wreak death and destruction and mayhem. The explosives used to cut roads and dig mines and clear land is packed in a vest. The nails that hold together the beams of homes and schools and hospitals are hurled into the bodies of innocents, killing and maiming. And the rat poison, that keeps disease and pestilence at bay, poisons those wounded by the nails and the dynamite and keeps their bodies from stopping the bleeding.

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